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PAPILLON POLYFACE-3 Automated Facial Recognition System


PAPILLON POLYFACE-3 is an innovative biometric system that provides the ultimate to collect and operate large repositories of facial data on various categories of citizens, and to solve tasks of recognizing a person’s identity from facial images, including identification or verification in real time.

POLYFACE databases allow for storing objects of the following two types:

  • Verified Portraits – Record cards of individuals whose personal details are reliably known.

  • Unsolved Portraits – Record cards of individuals whose personal data are unknown or require biometric authentication (e.g. cold cases).

Besides unlimited number of frontal facial images and other images on an individual’s appearance and distinctive features, record cards submitted to POYFACE-3 galleries may also include:

  • Comprehensive text information: demographic data of enrolled subjects and extensive description associated with unsolved portraits

  • Verbal portraits describing subjects’ appearance with the use of uniform verbal descriptors

  • Handwriting specimens and their descriptionа.



Image input Sources:

  • Digital cameras

  • Files of most standard graphics formats

  • Flatbed scanners

  • CCTV cameras (the system can operate with live and recorded video feeds).

  • Import of subjective portraits created with PAPILLON KLIM 3D system

  • Import from other installations of the POLYFACE system

  • Import from PAPILLON AFIS database (facial images, related information and verbal portrait description).


Automatic Encoding of Facial Images

Biometric templates subject and used for comparison are created automatically. In some particular cases, the enrollment operator may be only required to locate or correct the location of two landmarks indicating the centers of pupils.

Automatic Searches

For each newly entered image, the system searches the existing database for a biometric template that matches a submitted biometric sample, and if found, returns corresponding identities (candidates), based on a comparison score and rank. The results can be represented as a photo book..

Real-time Identification of a Person by a Facial Image

PAPILLON POLYFACE-3 is adapted as much as possible to address challenging issues of automatic real-time identification of a person from a facial image acquired with a mobile or stationary surveillance camera (express identity checking). It is to this end that POLYFACE provides the following functionality:

Matching Algorithms

POLYFACE-3 uses proprietary search algorithm 3DiVi Face SDK (developed by 3DiVi company belonging to PAPILLON’s group). It is based on the method of trainable neural networks and  provides the high indices of accuracy and reliability in automatic comparisons.

Since the start of 2017, our algorithm has been participating in the NIST* Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT). According to the published results, it demonstrates the highest efficiency, being now the fastest in the world and surpassing manyfold its best analogues in comparison speed.

* Results shown from NIST do not constitute an endorsement of any particular system, product, service, or company by NIST

System Architecture

The architecture of POLYFACE-3 is based on the client-server model that allows POLYFACE workstations to independently request the server’s functions and services. The search process is based on the technology of distributed computing.

Access to the PAPILLON POLYFACE-3 database is available through:

  • PAPILLON POLYFACE-Client software installed on the operator’s computer

  • a web browser

Integration with PAPILLON AFIS

Integration with PAPILLON AFIS involves automatic transfer of data associated with every newly entered tenprint (demographics, mugshots and other photo images, verbal description of an individual's appearance and traits) to POLYFACE-3 database for enrollment and matching. Results of a search are transferred back to the AFIS site.

Alternatively, the POLYFACE-3 program modules can be integrated into PAPILLON AFIS software architecture to enable multibiometric enrollment and identification.


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