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PAPILLON DPP-7 Handheld Biometric ID Terminal




PAPILLON DPP-7 is a shock-resistant biometric reader connected to a smartphone with a rotation gear. The terminal is battery powered and is not dependent on the availability of stationary power sources.

PAPILLON’s software is compatible with an extensive list of commercially available smartphones.

Smartphone Specifications (Minimum):

  • Android 4.4
  • CPU: 4 cores, 1.5 GHz
  • 1 Gb RAM
  • 8 Gb ROM
  • LCD 4,7’’, 960 540 pixels
  • Camera: 5 M pixel
  • MicroSD  32 Gb
  • NFC support
  • Battery: Li-Ion, 2300 mAh

DPP-7 is designed for on-the-spot identity verification (by fingerprint and facial images) against remote biometric data banks or databases stored locally on the smartphone.

DPP-7 ensures fingerprint image quality that meets the FBI NGIS IQS EBTS App. F Mobile ID FAP 10 requirements.


1. Capturing of information for biometric identification:

  • Taking livescan fingerprints and facial images (mug shots)

  • Taking photos of distinctive features and documents

  • Inputting name and demographics

  • Reading ID papers::

    • Visual zone of Russian passports

    • Contact smartcards of ISO/IEC 7816 standard

    • MRZ of any country passport

    • Contactless smartcards (ICAO Doc 9303)

  • Taking group photos (or operation with those available) with cropping all individuals’ faces present thereon

DPP-7 comes standard with a fingerprint scanner and a contact smartcard reader. To read MRZ, contactless cards and to take photos/videos, the smartphone is used. The terminal is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth.

2. Transfer of acquired information (fingerprints, mug shots, demographics) to remote PAPILLON AFIS databases

3. Real-time identity check against remote databases:

  • Fingerprints and/or facial images and/or demographic information against PAPILLON AFIS databases. Results of searches received back on the terminal include all detailed information associated with the individual found in tenprint databases and facial portrait galleries. Thus, for example, when an officer initiates a check of an individual’s identity by only his mug shots, he receives back on the DPP-7 terminal all information from all records ever created for this individual (name, ground for fingerprinting, date fingerprinted and agency).

  • Demographic information against text data banks (e.g. national or regional information databases)

4. Keeping the acquired information for later transmission (fingerprints, mug shot, demographics) if communication with databases is unavailable

5. Instant identification of fingerprints against databases stored locally

6. Automatic face detection in a videostream captured with the camera

7. Instant identity checks by facial images from the camera videostream against the local database of facial images in PAPILLON POLYFACE format

Technical Specifications
Dimensions* (W H D)
80 mm 45 mm 180 mm


< 0.6 kg
Communication GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/LTE, WiFi
Fingerprint scanner:

resolution, ppi
dynamic range
image acquisition area, mm
scanning and image processing time, sec

256 grayscale
20 mm 20 mm
< 2 sec
Display, minimum LCD 960 540 pixel
MRZ capability Yes
Contactless smartcard reader Yes (ISO 14443 Type A/B)
Contact smartcard reader Yes (ISO/IEC 7816)

Camera with AF, minimum

5 M pixel
Global Positioning GPS
Battery ICR18650
Autonomy 14 hours
Local watchlist (database) of tenprints, max / Search time 50,000 / < 1 min
Local watchlist of face images, max / Search time
100,000 / < 30 sec
Charging time / Charging connector < 3 hours / microUSB
IP Code IP54
* Dimensions and weight of the DPP-7 may differ slightly depending on
a particular smartphone model.



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