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PAPILLON Automated Fingerprint and Palmprint Identification System (AFIS) is the next generation biometric identification system that enables creating, storing and searching of fingerprint/palmprint electronic databases.

Flexible and responsive modular architecture of the PAPILLON AFIS makes it possible to create secure, reliable and cost efficient identification systems from single machine workstation to nation-wide geographically distributed networked solutions.

PAPILLON AFIS enables creating, storing and functioning of electronic databases of tenprint and latent records, and automates the process of fingerprint and palmprint identification helping to solve a wide range of vital tasks:

  • Personal identification by fingerprints and palmprints, including real-time in-field checks of identity
  • Identification of the unknown dead
  • Ascertainment of implication in past crimes
  • Consolidation of crimes committed by one and the same person

PAPILLON AFIS technology provides maximum automation of operations relating to tenprint and latent print data acquisition and submission to AFIS databases. The information stored includes tenprint records, palm prints, facial and SMT images, comprehensive demographic and other descriptive details. Futhermore, image processing and record generation is completele automatic.

PAPILLON AFIS ensures the highest indices of search reliability and matching selectivity, producing sustainable and consistent results on databases of any size without any preselection of tenprints and latent prints by quality.

PAPILLON AFIS is a multibiometric system allowing to enter multiple biometric identifiers of a person and to conduct automatic searches by these identifiers for possible identity. The extended format of AFIS database records enables the entry and storage, in addition to the above mentioned, the samples of handwritten signatures, two-dimensional full face images that fully comply with ISO/IES 19794-5:2005, and images of iris patterns. Moreover, there is a capability to enter into electronic tenprint files specimens of handwriting and voice, three-dimensional facial images and other personal biometric characteristics. For the tenprints containing the coded facial and/or iris pattern images, relevant searches are conducted parallel to finger and palm print searches. PAPILLON AFIS is capable of exchanging iris and facial images data with systems of other vendors.

In Russia, PAPILLON’s AFIS technology was chosen as the basis for integrated multi-level nationwide system of fingerprint records by the Ministry of the Interior (AFIS-MOI), solving in addition to the forensic tasks those of voluntary and compulsory fingerprint enrollment.

PAPILLON AFIS systems are installed and successfully running at the Russian Federal Migration Service, Federal Penitentiary Service, Federal Customs Service, Federal Drug Control Service, Federal Security Service, Ministry of Defense of Russia.

Among the beneficiaries of PAPILLON AFIS investment are Albania, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Nigeria, Serbia, Turkey, Uzbekistan and other countries.

Importantly, the system provides remote access (TCP/IP) to any and all databases, enabling agencies to exchange data, to conduct identity checks of any kind, to build up multi-level integrated biometric repositories.

PAPILLON fully supports efforts to establish links between AFIS systems of other vendors using ANSI/NIST standards. The following versions of data format for interchange of biometric information are supported at this time: RUS-I (Russian Ministry of Interior), Interpol, EFTS, and EBTS. Before storage or transmission, images are compressed using PAPILLON’s proprietary WSQ algorithm that is FBI certified.

The architecture of PAPILLON AFIS is based on the client-server model that allows workstations to independently request the server for service functions.

Distributed computing underlies the matching process, thereby enabling the efficient solution of large computational tasks.


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