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PAPILLON LIVE SCANNER System for Electronic Fingerprinting


Desktop workstation for electronic fingerprinting
with PAPILLON DS-45 palmprint scanner

PAPILLON livescan devices and systems for electronic fingerprinting (PAPILLON Live SCANNER) have been manufactured since 1992. Thousands of PAPILLON complexes are successfully running throughout Russia and abroad. (PAPILLON LIVE SCANNER Worldwide).

PAPILLON’s LIVE SCANNER offers cutting-edge technology for fingerprint registration, creation of electronic tenprints in any designated format, data transfer to PAPILLON AFIS or to any other database (in ANSI/NIST format).

No particular knowledge in the science of fingerprints is required from operators to work with PAPILLON LIVE SCANNER system.

The system comes standard with any of the following PAPILLON live fingerprint/palmprint scanners: PAPILLON DS-45,  PAPILLON DS-45M, PAPILLON DS-30N, PAPILLON DS-30NM , each FBI-certified.

Best-possible image quality along with highest reliability: PAPILLON’s method for electronic fingerprinting is protected by patent of the Russian Federation.

The system enables the acquisition of the following images:

  • rolled fingerprints
  • touch fingerprints
  • plain impressions of four fingers taken simultaneously
  • plain impressions of thumbs
  • palmprints including ‘writer’s’ palm

The PAPILLON system has proved that it can overcome many common obstacles (moisture, smeared scans, too dry skin, worn ridges)  to obtaining good results.

The system supports the entry of images of a subject’s face and distinctive marks (subject’s scars, marks or tattoos (SMT)), including those complaint with ISO/IEC 19794-5:2005/GOST R ISO/IEC 19794-5-2006 requirements for automatic recognition and matching.   

The system is capable of performing identification against local watchlist, using individual’s fingerprints or specific text data as search criteria.

PAPILLON LIVE SCANNER can run under Linux or Windows operating systems.

Standardly, the PAPILLON LIVE SCANNER system is integrated into PAPILLON AFIS/APIS as a fingerprint enrollment module. Equipped with the PAPILLON FILTER software, it turns into a booking and express ID check station.


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