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System Architecture

The architecture of ARSENAL is based on the client-server model that allows ARSENAL workstations to independently request the server’s functions and services. The matching process is organized on the principles of distributed computing technology.

The server software runs under the Linux operating system. The client software is developed as a cross-platform application for Linux and Windows.

In large ARSENAL systems, the server’s functions, such as data input and storage, searches, connections and communications, are distributed among several subsystems. In complexes with small databases, the server’s functions are provided by the resources of a single server unit or distributed among workstations. The text part of any ARSENAL database is saved in a separate database, which is open for interaction with external SQL systems.

The configuration of any ARSENAL system is determined by database capacity, estimated throughput requirements and density of inquiries submitted from workstations, including those located at remote sites. The modular architecture provides the opportunity for development and scaling of the complexes, unlimited increasing the volume of databases.

ABIS "Arsenal" in the minimum configuration is a single-machine complex based on a stationary or mobile computer with a universal surface scanner PAPILON BS. A single-computer ARSENAL is able to support a database of up to 10,000 objects and to operate as a full-featured ABIS enabling the input of text information and images, coding operations, automatic comparisons, verification of candidate lists, database archiving. The workstation can operate either a standalone ABIS or it can be networked for file sharing and searching all or some of the databases within a network, including remote ones.

To create ARSENAL complexes, we use only commercially available equipment, the latest developments in the field of servers, storage systems and data protection, programmable control of computational processes.

ARSENAL systems are working around the clock without constant supervision by the staff, which is achieved though the use of fault-tolerant technologies providing, inter alia, complete redundancy of critical components and automatic data backup.

ARSENAL provides automatic recovery of its databases and the state of matching processes after force majeure and emergency power outages.

ARSENAL is designed to be part of a LAN or any other form of networks that support IP connectivity.


Peripheral components connected to the ARSENAL ABIS via secure communication channels supporting TCP/IP to transfer data and to work with databases include:

  • Data collection stations equipped with PAPILLON BS surface scanner without local databases
  • Remote workstations / networked systems with own databases
  • Mobile workstations with local databases. The mobile ARSENAL ABIS is able to support a database of up to 10,000 objects. Its components are packed neatly into the shockproof, rugged case. The mobile workstation is designed for efficient operation in any vehicle through a special adapter for power supply or directly from the car battery.

Stationary ARSENAL workstation



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