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PAPILLON FILTER Express ID Check System

Taking touch fingerprint for on-line checking against AFIS database

PAPILLON FILTER solves the task of real-time identity checks against PAPILLON AFIS databases.

Captured with a forensic quality PAPILLON fingerprint scanner, plain impressions of two or more fingers are digitized and transferred through IP communications to the PAPILLON AFIS for matching. With the search completed,  demographic data and relevant face photos from any and all matching tenprints found in the AFIS database as mates are automatically forwarded to the requester and displayed on the screen of the submitting station. Otherwise, the No matching tenprints found message appears on the screen. Responses to identification requests are generated in PAPILLON AFIS and transmitted automatically without any operator’s assistance.

The technology of express ID checks was devised in 2001 and first put into action successfully in 2005. The technology has been widely and successfully used by law enforcement agencies of Russia since 2009.

Express ID checks are conducted to discover individuals who are suspected in crimes or wanted, to expose identity fraud, to establish identity of citizens who refuse or are unable to give any details of themselves. Border and immigration control, background checks for job applicants and inmate tracking are also within the area of application for quick identity checks.

PAPILLON FILTER is a system optimized for running Linux or Windows OS.

Minimal Configuration:

  • PC or notebook (laptop)
  • PAPILLON fingerprint scanner
  • Communications enabling connectivity to the AFIS
  • PAPILLON FILTER software

A range of handheld portable devices PAPILLON DPP (DPP-6p and DPP-7), equipped with a singe finger scanner and an embedded special software package, is an alternative solution designed by PAPILLON for spot ID checks.

Technically, the express ID checking involves reliable active communication with an AFIS (TCP/IP).

No particular knowledge in the science of fingerprints is required from operators since all operations of requesting, data transmission and receiving search results are performed automatically. The operator is tasked only with capturing touch fingerprints.



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