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PAPILLON GWI Access, Time and Attendance Control System

PAPILLON offers a system for entry and exit control that in fact comprises two products: Access Control System and Time and Attendance Control System. The systems can operate either independently or in combination utilizing the same hardware for event posting.

The Access Control System provides monitoring of staff and transport movement within secured premises as well as at the said areas’ border crossing. Using electronic execution units (electronic locks, turnstiles, etc.) the system prevents unauthorized access to particular areas or rooms within certain time frames (access schedule).

The Time and Attendance Control System allows collecting and registering data on man-hours worked, revealing facts of executive schedule disruptions (coming late, early leaving, absence from work) as well as generating time sheets to be transferred for payroll accounting.

The system enables creation and maintenance of an electronic database of the staff enrolled by divisions or departments and that of nonemployees who are admitted to the premises as well. In addition to comprehensive information on every staff member (portrait, name, position/job, department, access permissions, executive schedule), his personal identifier is also registered and stored in the database.

As a personal identifier, PAPILLON GWI can use any of the following:

  • Unique identification code (ID code) assigned to the employee, when being enrolled in the database, and stored on a proximity (contactless) smart card
  • Biometrics data: fingerprint or iris pattern.

A pre-requisite to the effective functionality of the PAPILLON GWI system is organizing a set-up of physical access control posts distributed on the perimeter of the enterprise and throughout the premises as gates to those areas, buildings and rooms admittance to which is restricted by internal rules and staff regulations.

These distributed control units (checkpoints) are each fitted with a direct card reader used for reading personal identifiers recorded on proximity cards and/or a fingerprint scanner or PAPILLON ZIRKON-4 access unit for submitting biometric identifiers. Both contactless card readers and biometric devices are designed and manufactured by PAPILLON.

The system can be configured with full support of checkpoints not physically restricting passage whilst of gates equipped with turnstiles or any other type of barriers.

Those checkpoints that do not restrict physical admittance or passage but running just as clocking points are mainly meant for collecting data on the motions of employees, for monitoring their whereabouts within the company or factory premises in real-time mode as well as for recording working hours of employees and time they spend at non-working facilities such as canteens, gyms, recreation rooms, etc.

The fact that an employee enters or leaves an area furnished with a clocking unit is fixed with a reader and automatically transferred to a local computation bridge for identification and then to a security console and system server to be recorded as an event in the database. The system enables an employer to have full control of all employees working hours, provided that the employees duty to clock in and out is legally regulated by relevant bylaw made by the company.

When passing through checkpoints fitted with special doors or turnstiles, a credential is presented to a reader, and then the reader sends the credential’s information to a system server or to a local bridge-matcher where this information is compared to an access control list determining who, where and when is allowed to enter or exit. The system grants or denies the presented request and sends a transaction log to the database. Depending upon the system configuration, access may be allowed by personnel who push an appropriate button on the security console or automatically with a turnstile. Every transaction of successful passing through any of the checkpoints (who and when) or attempted but refused or unauthorized access (who and when) is recorded on the system server.

The PAPILLON GWI system can be supplemented with a video surveillance system.

fingerprint scanner

PAPILLON proximity reader

access unit

Turnstile equipped with PAPILLON DS-21C
fingerprint scanner

Passing through a turnstile

Security operator’s room

Technical Features:
Interface between system units Ethernet, RS485, USB 2.0

Total number of checkpoints supported

Database capacity
Identification time

by proximity card
by fingerprint
by iris pattern

< 1 sec
< 3 sec
< 3 sec
Period of event log storage
12 months minimum
Operating time
Round-the-clock operation
Operation in no-power conditions 2-3 hours

Database access for administrating, viewing and renewing

WEB interface

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