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PAPILLON VIDEO Surveillance System

PAPILLON VIDEO is a closed-circuit television (CCTV) designed for surveillance in areas that may need monitoring. It enables live video and recordings as well as easy maintenance of video archives.

PAPILLON VIDEO ensures reliable protection of the area under surveillance, thereby preventing thefts of material values and averting the staff from committing ill-intentioned deeds.

PAPILLON software developed for running under Linux and MS Windows OS.

PAPILLON VIDEO can be easily integrated into PAPILLON GWI, the system of access, time and attendance control, to provide auxiliary monitoring of motions of the staff and vehicles over the in-plant territory.


  • поддержка цветных и чёрно-белых аналоговых видеокамер, IP-видеокамер производства ПАПИЛОН и IP-видеокамер сторонних производителей;
  • Real-time video and viewing CCTV footage stored in video archives through Web interface
  • Multiwindowing screen (10-20 video windows displayed concurrently)
  • Retrieval of information stored in video archives by camera number, by date and time of recording, by signals coming from actuated detectors
  • Easy access to video archives through a current video window
  • Automatic activation of the video window by a signal from the motion detector
  • Options for zooming and relocating the video window freely on the desktop
  • Rewinding of the footage, i.e. from the current moment back
  • Control of record playback, frame-by-frame playback
  • Record playback with actual sound
  • Scalability provided by adding cameras and PAPILLON VSS4 video servers (it is limited only by the server power and by Ethernet bandwidth)
  • Unlimited number of clients for the video server, Video System – Client free software
  • Continuous running


  • Cluster architecture of video servers
  • Automatic comprehensive checkout of the system operability, automatic control of operating modes
  • Automatic recovery of all essential interrupted processes after any failure or malfunction
  • Protection against unauthorized access – password security and filter of IP addresses
  • Ad hoc program module (analogue of a firewall) developed by PAPILLON to prevent unauthorized access to video information within the local network of surveillance
  • Automatic keeping of a log file to record process, malfunction and failure data


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