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PAPILLON-VSS1 High-resolution IP Video Camera

One of the major tasks for security video surveillance is to keep a record of all video data in long time video archives. With IP cameras, the principles of video transmission drastically change: instead of coaxial cables, computer networks are used. Owing to this fact, any constraints on the distance between cameras and the video server are dismantled, thereby allowing the latter to be installed at any place.

Key benefits gained from the use of IP cameras for video surveillance systems are as follows:

  • Transmission of video signal via Ethernet system essentially simplifies the cable constituent of the system and effects a considerable saving in installation costs.
  • In case of digital data transmission, videosignal is not prone to interference effect.
  • Internet protocol (IP) enables multiple users to simultaneously obtain remote access to video information and to create large, geographically distributed systems.    

PAPILLON-VSS1 IP camera has been designed  specifically for needs of security television systems.

The VSS1 is equipped with a high sensitive CMOS image sensor of a 2MPix resolution providing high quality, crisp and clear, color images in any light. Besides the video channel, the VSS1 camera also supports a full duplex audio channel as well as two discrete inputs and outputs for controlling external devices.

Network protocols: TCP / IP, HTTP (setup and image view by means of any browser).

The VSS1 provides simultaneous support of up to 4 network connections. The camera is equipped with an IR-CUT filter to produce color images. It is allowed to supply the VSS1 cameras without the IR-CUT filter (to a special order).

The PAPILLON-VSS1 IP camera is available in indoor mount (baseline model). The camera can be produced as custom-tailored for outdoor mount by nesting it into a heated casing.



Scan type progressive

CMOS image sensor format

1/3.2" (4:3)
Sensor size 4.73 x 3.52 mm
Total pixels 1600 x 1200

Pixel size

2.8 x 2.8 μm
Min. illumination 1 Lux
Frame rate:
   – 1600 x 1200
   – 800 x 600
15 frames/sec
30 frames/sec
Dynamic range 71 dB

Exposure time

55 μs to 3 sec
Exposure discrete control 55 μs
Signal-to-noise ratio 42 dB
Output image compression format JPEG
Power consumption 12 V
Consumption current 170 mA
Dimensions 50 x 50 x 100 mm
Weight 360 g
Interface Ethernet (100 Mb/sec), Power over Ethernet
Complementing interfaces – 1 audio input (line in/microphone, 16 kHz, 16 bit, IMA ADPCM)
– 1 audio output (line in, 16 kHz, 16 bit, IMA ADPCM)
– 2 discrete inputs (optocoupled)
– 2 discrete outputs (optocoupled)
Lens mount CS Mount
Camera mount 1/4"


  • PAPILLON-VCC1 IP camera
  • Test program (for Windows OS)
  • Camera protocol description (open source code enabling easy integration into video surveillance systems of other manufacturers).

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